Psychometric assessments are tests, exercises or questionnaires which measure cognitive, behavioral and personality constructs of an individual. These assessments form an integrated part of recruitment - personal development of the individual, the identification of training needs and team building process in its entirety.

An assessment is being made of someone's abilities, personality, values, motivations, interests and/or preferences. These can add value to the selection, development and promotional process for the prospective or current employer as well as for the job seeker. The assessment can be seen as an opportunity to learn more about oneself and also the position for which you are applying. Assessments give information which can validate one’s decisions, reinforce one’s strengths, create new opportunities and indicate development areas.

Tests such as SHL, Discus and AWD are performed and executed under the supervision of a qualified Industrial Psychologist with Human Resource Services, Psychometric\Psychological Testing and Medico-legal experience.  These assessments are submitted in strict confidentiality only if and when requested by the client.