Today's highly competitive business arena and consumer driven environment may force company leaders to focus their priorities mainly on the management of capital assets.  In the ongoing quest for improvement and push for the global edge, break-even calculations are often regarded in strictly financial context and the value of an organization's biggest investment - its human capital - is easily overlooked and sometimes completely ignored. Whilst it is commonly known that good people are needed to develop great products, deliver outstanding service and maintain good customer relationships, “human resources” still remain no more than a concept to many.

The majority of corporate human resource managers however, understand the importance of a company’s capital asset and therefore strongly lean toward the formation of a strategic partnership with a top level recruiter when sourcing suitable candidates.  Because of the complexities of the sourcing process, they require the services of a well connected recruiter with the professional capability to take ownership of a vacant position, run an intelligent campaign and oversee the entire process with the necessary skill and dedication.

In striving to satisfy these unrelenting standards and expectations, BHRS have focused their efforts on the key element necessary for the overall growth and success of any organization -  the “right people in the right place at the right time.”  More than an “employment agency”, BHRS can best be described as “an exclusive recruitment boutique” - unconventional in their methods, personal in their approach, uncompromising in their conduct and unwavering in their commitment. Although locally based, their expertise has empowered well-known enterprises as far as the Middle East and their methods have consistently proven to yield outstanding results in more than 15 African states. With an undisputed reputation stretching over 17 years, BHRS have set a new standard in executive recruitment and in so doing, set themselves apart as leaders in their field on a global platform.


As an Exempted Micro Enterprise, BHRS are a Level 4 contributor, with a 100% recognition level

Professional Registration
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